Breast Cancer Heart Cupcakes

A while back, when I first started pinning things on Pinterest I decided to take on a cupcake challenge.  I found this great photo and website on how to put a heart in the middle of a cupcake, like so (see the link below):

It was a bit of a challenge to find the right size heart cookie cutter, but I made it work.  Be sure to let your pink cake cool properly before you cut out the hearts.  When it’s time that you put the batter and heart shape in the cupcake, make sure that you line everything up, so you know which direction the heart is facing.  It will make a difference when you cut open the cupcake across the top to see the heart.  I tried to make mine fool-proof, so before I added batter to the cupcake paper holders I marked an X on the bottom outside of the paper holder to identify the “front” of the cupcake.

Once I finished the cupcakes, I decided to frost them with pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness and that also helped me know where the “front” of the cupcake was after I finished frosting the cupcakes.  Here is what the cupcakes looked like after they were frosted:

To make it easier to add the ribbon sprinkles, I made a stencil by tracing a ribbon shape onto a piece of paper, then cut out the inside of the ribbon.  To keep the center teardrop shape of the ribbon, I left a line/bar connected on the left side of the ribbon shape.  You can kind of see the “open line space/bar” on some of the cupcakes if you look closely.  I will try to find my stencil or make a new one and update the post.

Here are the links to the photos on Pinterest:

Heart cupcake –

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Here is also the blog where you can find the information for the Heart Cupcakes –