Making Your Own Mousepad – Finished Product

I’ve finally finished the mouse pad!  It took a little extra work than what I thought, but it turned out nice.  In case you missed it, here is the link to my original post when I began creating the cork board mousepad

I ended up covering the entire cork board with a new piece of fabric since the edges were not neat and clean when I cut out the original shape.  To do this, I cut out a square in the pink fabric and then began attached it to the cork board with the Heat’n’Bond.

Then, I cut slits around the edge of the square fabric to the edge of the cork board about every 1/2 inch.  This allowed me to hot glue the edges down in pieces on the bottom of the cork board, with still keeping the shape intact.  This is what it looked like when I finished from the front:

I still needed to put something on the back to stop the cork board from sliding on my desk.  I ended up using an old mousepad, which was already falling apart.  I pulled off the old fabric image and cut out the shape of my new mousepad.  I then cut it out and used a hot glue gun to attach the back of the cork board.

And I was finally finished!  Ta-da!!  A completely new pretty mousepad.  Maybe not originally how it was intended, but I made it work and it still looks just as cute and more fun than my old boring one!

Mousepad complete!  Hope that if you try to create your own mousepad that you have better success or learn from my mistakes!!  Also, it would be worth trying and probably a lot easier and quicker to just use some pretty scrapbook paper and attach it to the cork board.  And more financially economical if you have all of the products on hand!

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